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Asus Tinker Board

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Asus Tinker Board

Asus Tinker Board, which joined the mini computer world after Raspberry Pi, draws attention with its outstanding features in terms of performance and power. SAMM Market offers Asus Tinker Board to a wide variety of electronics enthusiasts, makers and hobbyists. Asus Tinker Board products are waiting for you in this category. If you are considering Asus Tinker Board for your project, we have collected information that will help you get to know it better.

What is Asus Tinker Board?

Asus Tinker Board, which is an ARM-based single card computer, whihc differs from other single card computers with its ultra small form and outstanding mechanical compatibility. Asus Tinker Board, which offers a highly developed platform, appeals to those who want to do creative works in the field of programming and elctronics. Using the Rockchip RK3288, a quad-core ARM-based processor, the Tinker Board is one step ahead of its competitors.

Asus Tinker Board Features

Asus Tinker Board and Raspberry Pi are similar in many ways. However, Asus Tinker Board is very ambitious in terms of performance and advanced features, and it distinguishes itself from Raspberry Pi models with 4K support, higher chipset performance, faster Ethernet access, and flexibility in memory dimensions. There is also a 40 pin connection option on the Tinker Board, and the colored pins make it easy for users to avoid confusion when tinkering with pins and wires.

Asus Tinker Board Specs

  • Quad-core 1.8 GHz ARM Cortex-A17 processor
  • 2GB dual channel LPDDR3 memory
  • Supports Gigabit LAN and Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR connection
  • Built-in 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • 40 pins with 28 GPIOs in total
  • Ports for PWM and S / PDIF signals
  • 1 Piece 3.5 mm Audio jack connection
  • CSI port for camera connection
  • DSI port supporting HD resolution
  • Supports 1 HDMI 2.0 port supporting 4K resolution
  • Micro SD port with UHS-I support
  • 5V / 2A Micro USB input power supply connection
  • Debian OS and KODI support. So you can use it as a super media player with internet, bluetooth and many other features.

What Operating System does Asus Tinker Board use?

Mainly, Asus Tinker Board runs on a Linux-based TinkerOS operating system and performs quite satisfactorily compared to many mini-computers.With Linux-Based Asus Tinker Board, you can make many IoT projects and run them with high performance.
On the other hand, you can easily implement your projects with Asus Tinker Board using Debian based TinkerOS operating system. You can also do just about anything you do with a regular computer with this board.
In addition Asus Tinker Board can recognize Windows-based flash drives with NTFS support and it supports android operating system as well as TinkerOS and Debian Linux.

Asus Tinker Board Products and Accessories Come with SAMM Market Advantages

Asus Tinker Board models and accessories are waiting for you in this category. You can use the Asus aluminum case to protect your board in your projects and more accessories are offered with reasonable price options. You can supply all the materials you need for electronics and robotics projects from SAMM Market and be sure that all orders you place before 3:00 pm are shipped on the same day. On top of that if your order exceeds 150 TL your products will be delivered to your door for free.

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