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The micro:bit microcontroller card, which is also known as BBC micro:bit, is designed for the education of children in the UK, and you can get it directly from SAMM Market. The micro:bit is used for  STEM training and allows children to meet science and technology at an early age. The micro:bit, which is a good start to step into the world of microcontrollers, is also distributed free of charge to 7th grade students in the UK.

What is micro:bit?

Developed with BBC support, micro:bit is a microcontroller card that is as small as a credit card and contains variant electronic equipment. This card is designed for children to learn programming and electronics easily. The micro:bit receives data from its surroundings using many sensors, and it processes the data with the help of simple codes that anyone can write. Many applications can be made directly with micro:bit without the need for any add-ons or extra hardware. But once you start using your own electronics with it, the possibilities become endless. You can make projects like musical instruments, smart home systems, robots and many more projects are what you can do with micro:bit. In addition micro:bit, which is very important in coding education, improves children's problem solving and algorithm skills.

micro:bit Specifications

  • 5 × 5 LED matrix
  • 2 programmable buttons
  • Temperature sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 3 axis compass
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection available

You can control games with the buttons on the card; you can also control your projects remotely by communicating with a phone, a tablet or many other smart devices using Bluetooth. With the accelerometer, you can perform projects that require motion detection or direction determination with the onboard compass sensor.

You can easily program all these interfaces with web-based interfaces. You can find all you need for that on With the online Block code editor JavaScript can be easily. There also Touch Develop and MicroPython languages which are developed by Microsoft.

How to encode micro:bit? What is Operating System?

micro:bit encoding is a very easy tool. Coding is done with smart devices and web-based editing tools. Web-based editing tools like MakeCode editor helps you program in Python, Javascript, Scratch or block programming languages without any software installation.

Here are two example of how to start coding on a micro:bit :

  • Using MakeCode, which is developed by Microsoft, allows you to write code in blocks and in JavaScript.
  • - You can also develop programs in Python by visiting

Where can buy a micro:bit board?

micro:bit is available at SAMM Market with the advantage of affordable prices.

In Samm Market you will be able to find micro:bit products and accessories like: battery holders, micro:leds and micro:bit kits. micro:bit on its own is enough to make simple projects and external modules and accessories the experience becomes more free limitless. micro:bit accessories are designed to allow you to develop different projects depending on you project ideas, please do not hesitate to check micro:bit products on SAMM Market to make any project you aspire with great prices.

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