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IQaudio DAC+

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  • The IqaudIO Pi-DAC+ HAT Audio card for Raspberry Pi provides exceptional audio performance and full HD (24/192) audio capability with built-in hardware audio control through standard Linux audio APIs (ALSA) using Raspberry Pi's I2S digital audio. It offers much lower CPU usage and significantly improved audio quality compared to USB sound cards.

    Pi-DAC+ complies with the Raspberry Pi Foundation's HAT specification, including the HAT automatic configuration EEPROM, camera and display cutouts, mounting holes, and form factor. It is designed to provide the best audio performance from Raspberry Pi B+/RPi2, fit the Pi's form factor, and provide additional access to most of the 40-pin I/O signals of Pi B+. Pi-DAC+'s Phono/RCA connectors, when used inside a case/enclosure due to strain relief in the Pi's headers, feature an integrated mounting hole that enhances durability, reducing wear and tear. This, along with Pi-DAC+'s aligned HAT mounting holes with Raspberry Pi, ensures a rock-solid match for long-term use without concerns about the audio card disconnecting from the Raspberry Pi.

    Pi-DAC+ provides support for additional pin headers that offer more flexibility for your project and easy connections to our other products. Exposed signals include Audio Left + Right output, amp-mute, headphone output, and most of the Raspberry Pi's 40-pin connector. Please note that Pi-DAC+ uses GPIO22 for amp-mute.

    Use vanilla Linux, Volumio, Raspbmc, RuneAudio, MDP, or similar distributions and listen to internet radio, your own digital music library, or streaming music services—all in stunning audio quality. IqaudIO Pi-DAC+ easily supports 24-bit/192kHz file formats, but it makes even lower-quality MP3s sound just as great, bringing your music to life.

    I hope this helps! If you have any more text to translate or further questions, feel free to ask.


    Getting Started

    DAC+ can be connected to the 40-pin GPIO header of Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, or Raspberry Pi 4 without the need for soldering or external power.

    P1: Analog output (0-2V RMS). GPIO27 carries the MUTE signal (headphone detection), left and right audio, and left and right grounds.

    P6: Headphone socket signals. Pin 1: LEFT, pin 2: GROUND, pin 3: RIGHT, pin 4: GROUND, pin 5: DETECT.

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