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Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 (Original)

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  • Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 (Original)

    The Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 (Original), which you can easily use in many Arduino projects, is available at SAMM Market. With this shield that you can attach to your Arduino as additional hardware, you can make it more functional. You can access multiple Arduino Shield varieties with different features through SAMM Market advantages.

    What is Arduino Motor Shield Rev3?

    Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 is a motor driver board equipped with the L298 integrated circuit, allowing you to control motors. With this shield compatible with Arduino Rev3 models, you can simultaneously drive 2 DC motors. Moreover, you can measure motor currents with the Current Sense feature. You can control the speed and direction of the motors independently. Additionally, you can use it to drive 1 bipolar stepper motor by combining the two channels available on the board.

    To purchase the Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 at affordable prices, place your order on SAMM Market now!

    Technical Specifications of Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 (Original)

    The Arduino Motor Shield features 2 PWM pins and 2 analog input pins. The analog inputs can be used for various sensor applications. This shield, which has two channels, provides 2A of current per channel. Low current servo motors can be driven using the PWM pins.

    • Operating Voltage: 5V to 12V
    • Current: 2A per Channel
    • Motor Driver: L298 (Supports 2 DC motors or 1 stepper motor)
    • Simultaneously Drive 2 DC Motors
    • Drive 1 Unipolar Motor
    • Motor Stop Feature: Can be stopped by cutting power or using the brake feature

    Features of On-Board Extra Sockets and Terminals

    There are 6 connectors on the board for quick prototyping.

    • Terminals: These are for motor and power connections.
    • White connectors: These are for analog input. (Connected to A2 and A3)
    • Orange connectors: These are for PWM output. (Connected to D5 and D6)
    • 4-pin white connectors: I2C (TWI) pins, one for input and one for output use.

    Competitive and Affordable Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 (Original) is available at SAMM Market!

    You can get the Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 motor driver module at the most affordable prices through SAMM Market. As the official distributor of Raspberry Pi, SAMM Market offers a wide range of electronic components and kits for all levels of expertise. Moreover, all orders placed by 3:00 PM are shipped on the same day, and orders over 150 TL come with free shipping to your address.

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