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Raspberry Pi Embedded Arduino MCU and RTC Power Management HAT

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  • Raspberry Pi Embedded Arduino MCU and RTC Power Management HAT

    The Waveshare Power Management HAT offers advanced functionality with a built-in MCU and Real-Time Clock (RTC). Designed for Raspberry Pi, this intelligent power bank provides automatic power management features that enable greater power efficiency and safer operation for the Pi.

    If you are using your Raspberry Pi board for extended periods of time and looking for useful tools such as longer battery life or automatic power on/off control, this Power Management HAT would be an ideal choice.

    By being automatically started at a specified time and shutting down at another time, the HAT can greatly preserve the battery life. It can monitor the operating voltage/current status of the Raspberry Pi in real-time and be configured to shut down the Pi according to its operating status. Furthermore, it comes with a convenient power switch for easy power on or off (safe software shutdown of the Pi) to prevent data loss due to power source removal.

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    Features of Raspberry Pi Embedded Arduino MCU and RTC Power Management HAT

    • The RTC chip allows the module to keep track of time and synchronize with other projects, while the ATmega328P-AU MCU enables the Maker to fully program how the HAT operates.
    • This advanced Power Management HAT offers excellent functionality with both Battery Pack and connected Raspberry Pi, providing clean power regulation, real-time voltage and current monitoring.
    • Supports the standard Raspberry Pi 40 PIN GPIO extension header, compatible with Raspberry Pi series cards.
    • Built-in ATmega328P MCU supports Arduino programming.
    • Integrated PCF8523 RTC chip provides accurate RTC information.
    • Includes UART communication or built-in CP2102 UART converter for ATmega328P programming.
    • User-defined button can be used to start Raspberry Pi, safely shut it down, or perform other customized functions.
    • Equipped with protection circuits such as anti-reverse power supply, reverse current protection, etc., ensuring stable and safe operation.
    • Voltage/current monitoring circuit tracks Raspberry Pi operating voltage and current in real-time.
    • Comes with development resources and a user manual.

    Teknik Özellikler

    • Control Unit: ATmega328P-AU
    • Communication Interface: UART + GPIO
    • Baud Rate: Default 115200bps (programmable)
    • Power Supply Interface: USB port or PH2.0 connector
    • USB Power Input Voltage: 5V
    • 0 Power Input Voltage: DC 7 - 28V (adjustable power source or lithium battery)
    • Embedded Circuits: Reverse power protection, reverse current protection, voltage monitoring, current monitoring
    • Mounting Hole Size: 3.0mm
    • Dimensions: 65.00 x 56.50mm

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    HATs (Hardware Attached on Top) are incredibly useful modules designed to add modular functionality to the Raspberry Pi. These HATs perfectly meet your needs when developing projects with Raspberry Pi, enhancing its capabilities in the best way possible. The Raspberry Pi Embedded Arduino MCU and RTC Power Management HAT, designed to prevent power losses during your Raspberry Pi's operations, is now available at SAMM Market. Create your order now and ensure uninterrupted progress in completing your projects with the Raspberry Pi Embedded Arduino MCU and RTC Power Management HAT.

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