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Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module

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  • Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module

    Arduino boards, a must-have for electronic and robotics projects, and more are waiting for you at SAMM Market with affordable price advantages. Taking your projects to the next level with the Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module is quite simple: Explore the Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module, which you can use for the measurements you need in your projects, with the advantages of SAMM Market and place your order!

    What is Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module ?

    The Arduino 9 Axes Motion Shield is a measurement module based on the BNO055 orientation sensor. This means that this module uses Bosch's BNO055 integrated circuit, which includes a three-axis 14-bit accelerometer, a three-axis 16-bit gyroscope with a range of ± 2000 degrees per second, and a three-axis magnetometer. The BSX3.0 fusionLib software runs on a 32-bit microcontroller and processes the data.

    In other words, this board contains an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer. In addition to these, with the Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module, you can also measure Quaternion, Euler angles, Rotation vector, Linear acceleration, and Gravity vector in your projects.

    Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module Features

    The Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module is compatible with Arduino Uno, Arduino Yun, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Ethernet, Arduino Mega, and Arduino Due.
    • Operating Voltage: 5V
    • Power Consumption: 50mW

    It greatly simplifies your work in your projects with its short response time and high precision. It also includes interrupt detection for detecting any motion, low-speed motion, or inactivity.

    What Can You Do with the Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module?

    You can use the Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module in motion detection-based projects. Its application areas are mainly mobile phones, notebooks, 3D remote controls, and motion-sensing game consoles.

    Competitive and Affordable Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module at SAMM Market!

    You can have the Arduino 9 Axis Motion Module at the most competitive prices through SAMM Market, which will help you track the orientation of your project for motion detection and measurement. You can also find all the electronic components and kits suitable for all levels of prototyping sets at SAMM Market, the official distributor of Raspberry Pi. Moreover, all orders placed before 3:00 PM are shipped the same day, and orders over 150 TL are delivered to your address with free shipping advantage.

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