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RS485 to Ethernet Converter

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RS485 to Ethernet Converter

RS485'ten Ethernet'e Dönüştürücü modülü , RS485 ve RJ45 port Ethernet arasında iletişim kurmanın kolay bir yolunu sağlar, web sayfası üzerinden yapılandırılabilir.


  • M0 series 32-bit ARM processor, fast speed, high efficiency.

    10/100M Automatic MDI/MDIX Ethernet interface, independent of cross or straight cable.

    Configurable RS485 baud rate (600bps~230.4Kbps), supports five parity control options: None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space.

    Available operating modes: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client, HTTPD Client (supports GET and POST).

    Configurable via web page, AT commands, serial protocol, and network protocol, providing a configuration protocol that can be integrated into your own software.

    Supports customized heartbeat packets to ensure the connection is correct and actively receive sensor data.

    Supports customized registration packets, automatically forwards the registered packet as an identifier after the connection is established, allowing for differentiation of different devices.

    Supports a customized web page, enabling users to customize the module configuration page.

    Supports a protocol similar to RFC2217, allowing communication with devices with changing serial settings (baud rate, data bits, etc.).

    KeepAlive mechanism detects disconnected connections and automatically reconnects.

    Supports restart with timeout (restart without data), providing long-term stable connection with configurable restart time.

    Supports DNS domain name resolution, configurable DNS server.

    Supports DHCP, automatic acquisition of IP or static IP.

    Firmware upgradeable over the network.

    Factory settings can be restored via software and/or hardware.

    Comes with a customizable default MAC address.

    Included software: module configuration software, TCP/UDP test tool, VCOM virtual serial port software.

    Sample code: host (socket), VB, C++, Delphi, Android, iOS, etc.

  • Ethernet:
    • Connector: 4-pin RJ45
    • Communication speed: 10/100Mbps
    • Interface protection: 1.5KV electromagnetic isolation
    • Protocols: IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, DNS, HTTPD Client
    • TX buffer: 6Kbytes
    • RX buffer: 4Kbytes
  • RS485:
    • Connector: Screw terminal (A+, B-, GND)
    • Data bits: 5-bit, 6-bit, 7-bit, 8-bit
    • Stop bits: 1, 2
    • Parity bit: None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space
    • Baud rate:600bps~230.4Kbps
    • RX buffer: 800 bytes
    • Hardware flow control: yok
    • Interface protection:
      • 2KV ESD protection
      • RS485 pull up/pull down resistors: 2.2KΩ
  • Power:
    • Power Supply: 5.0~7.0V (5V recommended)
    • Operating current: 150mA (@5V)
    • Power consumption: <1W
    • Interface protection: reverse polarity, ESD protection, anti-surge
  • Environment:
    • Operating temperature: -25~75°C
    • Storage temperature:: -40~105 °C


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