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    The OM13074 is a LPCXpresso LPC11U37H Board an extended variant of the standard LPCXpresso V2 board, designed to allow evaluation of the LPC11U37HFBD64 and make it as easy as possible to get started with project. LPCXpresso is a development platform available from NXP, supporting NXP's ARM-based microcontrollers. The platform is comprised of a simplified Eclipse-based IDE and low-cost target boards which include an attached JTAG debugger. LPCXpresso is an end-to-end solution enabling embedded engineers to develop their applications from initial evaluation to final production.


    • On-board LPC-Link2 based debug probe
    • Debug connector to allow debug of target MCU via an external probe
    • Can be configured to act as a standalone probe to allowing debugging of an external board
    • Tri-colour LED, ISP and WAKE buttons
    • Connector for target MCU's USB device peripheral
    • MCU pins available on standard LPCXpresso
    • mbed expansion connector
    • Arduino connectors compatible with the "Arduino UNO" platform
    • P3 allows measurement of current of all target side circuitry
    • microSD card slot
    • UART connector, for use with 6-pin FTDI cable (TTL-232R-3V3) compatible (cable not included)


    Test & Measurement, Industrial


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