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ISD1820 Voice Recording and Playback Module - With Mini Speaker

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OverISD1820 integratedhostVoice Recording and Playback Module/Circuit,Arduinoand it is a card that you can use with different platforms.

10 seconds long natural sound can be recorded on the card. The recorded sound file can be played with its 0.5W 8 Ohm speaker.

All control pins of the ISD1820 IC are drawn on the board. In this way, it can be controlled over many microcontroller platforms, especially Arduino.

When the jumpers are as above, when the REC button is pressed, the led lights up, the recording feature is turned on and the voice recording process continues as long as it is pressed. Problems may arise when trying to record while playing an audio file. Recording should be done after the playback. When the PLAYE button is pressed once, the recorded sound file is played once. The audio file is played as long as the PLAYL button is pressed.

ISD1820 Voice Recording and Playback Module - Circuit Details

It can also be controlled with the pins on the card, independent of the buttons. When the REC pin is set to logic 1, it starts recording the voice as if the REC button was pressed. Likewise, when the PLAYE or PLAYL pins are set to Logic 1, they work as if these buttons were pressed. In this way, the card can be controlled with Arduino and different microcontroller platforms.

The card has two other modes of operation. Continuous play mode and the mode of connecting the microphone directly to the speaker. These modes can be switched to by changing the jumpers on the card. In case these jumpers are changed, the buttons should never be pressed.

When the jumpers are in the above position, the board supplies every sound it receives from the microphone directly to the speaker. Jumpers should not be put in any other state than these 3 situations. Usage other than these situations may damage the card. More powerful speakers can also be used by connecting an amplifier circuit to the speaker output.

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