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  • FT232RL USB to TTL Converter

    The USB to TTL serial adapter is based on the high quality and very popular FTDI FT232RL chipset and is an excellent way to connect TTL serial devices to a PC through a USB port.

    This USB to TTL serial adapter is ideal for many uses, including:

    • Programming microprocessors such as ARM, AVR, etc
    • Working with computing hardware such as routers and switches
    • Serial communication with many devices such as GPS devices
    • Serial terminals on devices like the Raspberry Pi

    Unlike most USB to TTL serial adapters, this adapter supports both 5V AND 3.3V operation! Simply set the jumper as required to choose between 5V and 3.3V as labelled on the board.

    The adapter comes with a right-angle connector fitted allowing you to use it straight away. If you need to access any of the other inputs or outputs of the FT232RL, all the useful signals are provided as through-hole solder pads - ideal for use with straight headers into a breadboard, for example.

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