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BerryClip - LED and Buzzer Add-On Board

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  • The BerryClip 6 LED Board is a small, fun and easy to build add-on board for the Raspberry Pi. It plugs directly on to the Pi's GPIO header and consists of a PCB populated with 6 coloured LEDs, 1 switch and 1 buzzer. It can be controlled using any programming language that can manipulate the GPIO pins and subsequently allows anyone to quickly start creating fun scripts!

    The simple combination of lights, switch and buzzer is a perfect introduction to software and hardware interfacing. There are plenty of example Python scripts available so once assembled you can get your board working in minutes.

    Basic soldering skills is needed to assemble the product.

    The BerryClip Features:

    • 6 coloured LEDs
    • 1 switch
    • 1 buzzer
    • Assembly PCB
    • Example Python scripts
    • No cables required
    • Easy assembly with a little soldering, comes as a kit.

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