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    Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGBW LED Strip - White PCB 30 LED/m

    The NeoPixel is 'split', one half is the RGB you know and love, the other half is a white LED with a yellow phosphor. Unlit, it resembles an egg yolk. Lit up these are insanely bright (like ow my eye hurts) and can be controlled with 8-bit PWM per channel (8 x 4 channels = 32-bit color overall). Great for adding lots of colorful + white dots to your project!

    NeoPixel LEDs use 800 KHz protocol so specific timing is required. On NeoPixels, the PWM rate is ~400 Hz, which works well but is noticable if the LED is moving. In comparison, DotStars have a 20 KHz PWM rate, so even when moving the LED around, you won't see the pixelation, the blending is very smooth. (we recommend DotStars if you can use them)

    NeoPixels are 5050-sized LEDs with an embedded microcontroller inside the LED. You can set the brightness and color of each R/G/B/W with 8-bit PWM precision (so 32-bit color per pixel). The LEDs are controlled by shift-registers that are chained up down the strip so you can shorten or lengthen the strip. Only 1 digital output pin are required to send data down. The PWM is built into each LED-chip so once you set the color you can stop talking to the strip and it will continue to PWM all the LEDs for you.

    The strip is made of flexible PCB material, and comes with a weatherproof sheathing. You can cut this stuff pretty easily with wire cutters, there are cut-lines every 0.65"/1.7cm (1 LED each). Solder to the 0.1" copper pads and you're good to go. Of course, you can also connect strips together to make them longer, just watch how much current you need! We have a 5V/2A supply that should be able to drive 1 meter (depending on use) and a 5V/10A supply that can drive up to 4 meters (depending on use) You must use a 5V DC power supply to power these strips, do not use higher than 6V or you can destroy the entire strip.

    Technical Details

    •  * SK6812RGBW Datasheet
    •  * LEDs per meter: 30 LEDs/m
    •  * Width of strip (w/ waterproofing): ~12.6mm / ~0.5"
    •  * Thickness of strip (w/ waterproofing): ~4.2mm / 0.16"
    •  * Removable IP65 weatherproof casing
    •  * Maximum 5V @ 80mA draw per LED (all LEDs on full brightness)
    •  * 5VDC power requirement (do not exceed 6VDC) - no polarity protection
    •  * 1 integrated RGBW LEDs per segment, individually controllable
    •  * Neutral white color temperature: ~4000-4500K
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Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGBW LED Strip - White PCB 30 LED/m


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