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Robonio GSM Shield / Arduino GSM Shield (IMEI Registered)

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  • Robonio GSM Shield is a practical and easy-to-use shield compatible with Arduino, featuring the Sim800C GSM module.

    You can easily utilize features like sending SMS, making voice calls, MMS, and internet connectivity using Arduino libraries.

    It fully supports the Kapadokya GSM module library and codes, providing richer examples and detailed usage with its own developed library.

    You can perform all the applications in the "Arduino & Node.JS GSM-Based Location Tracking Project Design" course on Udemy with this product.

    You can easily develop projects with Raspberry Pi or other MCU systems using the AT protocol externally to Arduino. The pin structure automatically supports both 3.3V and 5V logic systems.

    The product includes a PWRKEY button for GSM firmware updates or other applications. Additionally, a push button and LED will add flexibility and convenience to your projects.

    It has a built-in microphone, but you can also use an external microphone and speaker if you prefer.

    It supports nano SIM cards.

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    When using the product with Arduino, you can program it by connecting via USB. However, due to current limitations on both the PC and Arduino, USB power alone may be insufficient.

    You can power it from the Arduino's power input or Vin pin with a supply between 7.5V-12V.

    With both USB and power input connected simultaneously, the GSM module can work comfortably while you perform tasks like uploading code and serial port monitoring from your computer.

    NOTE: The IMEI numbers are approved and registered by BTK.

    NOTE: To use the Bluetooth feature, you need to obtain a Bluetooth antenna with a U.FL connector. The GSM antenna is included with the product.


    • Can be used with a battery or adapter
    • Operating voltage range: 7-12V
    • Easy to use
    • Supports GSM library
    • Turkish content
    • Compatible with all operators and 2G, 3G, 4.5G SIM cards
    • Registered IMEI
    • Nano SIM support
    • Call/SMS/MMS/Internet connection
    • Compatible with both original and clone Arduino boards
    • Supported models: Arduino UNO, Leonardo, Mega, Due
    • Can be used with other Arduino models and development boards like Raspberry Pi, STM32, etc.
    • Supports both 5V and 3.3V development boards thanks to automatic logic level detection
    • Power connection options: From Arduino's 5V pin, VIN pin (6-12V range), 3.7V LiPo / Li-ion battery
    • Charging LiPo / Li-ion batteries while operating
    • Low power consumption
    • SIM card protection
    • Built-in microphone
    • External microphone and speaker output
    • Detection of SIM card insertion/removal
    • Power button for GSM
    • User-defined built-in push button and LED

    Package Contents:

    Robonio GSM Shield

    Enhanced antenna

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