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Resistive Touch Screen - USB Mouse Controller - AR1100

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  • Resistive Touch Screen - USB Mouse Controller - AR1100

    Resistive touch screens are incredibly popular as the top layers of TFT and LCD displays. If you want to connect one to a computer, you'll need something to handle the analog to digital conversion - most converters we've found are not very easy to use, and 'fixed' - making them difficult to calibrate. The AR1100 is a nice chip that solves this problem by acting as a touch->USB converter and also comes with calibration software. The calibration software is Windows-only but once you've calibrated it, you can use the screen on any OS. The AR1100 shows up as a regular Mouse or Digitizer HID device so no drivers are required. We successfully tested it on Mac, Windows, and Debian Linux (Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi) - other Linux distributions may or may not work, but they would definitely require some apt-get action

    This breakout board features the AR1100, which has both USB and UART interfaces available. You'll almost always want to use the USB interface but there are some functions for getting TTL UART data out (see the data sheet for details) There's also a red LED that lights up when a touch has been detected.

    For screens with 1mm spaced FPC cables, you can plug the cable right into the connector. Most medium/large touch screen will have a connector like this. If you have a different kind of resistive touch screen, the four X/Y contacts are available on 0.1" spaced pads so you can hand-solder or wire them. We set this breakout board up for the '4-wire' style of 4-pin 1mm pitch connectors. Plug in any 1mm pitch 4-pin FPC into the connector on the FFC side, when you plug it into a computer's USB port you should see a new device and touching the screen will cause the mouse cursor to move.


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