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    TCS34725 RGB Color Sensor with IR Filter and White Led

    Thanks to this small color light sensor, your electronic circuits will become sensitive to dazzling colors. We used the TCS34725, the best color sensor on the market, in the module. This sensor has RGB and Clear Light sensing elements. Thanks to its IR-blocking filter, integrated onchip and color-sensitive photodiodes, it blocks the IR band of the incoming light and provides more accurate color measurements. Thanks to this filter, you can read colors more accurately than most sensors. Because the human eye is not sensitive to IR light. The sensor has an incredible dynamic range of 3800000:1, the value reading integration time can be adjusted, so it is possible to take readings after darkened glass.

    There is a 3.3V regulator as a supporting circuit on the module, so you can safely operate the module between 3-5V. At the same time, there are level shifters for the I2C pins, so it can work with 3.3V or 5V logic. Finally, you can illuminate the object whose color you will read, thanks to a natural light LED with a color temperature of 4150°K and an onboard MOSFET driver driving it. This light can be easily switched on and off logically.

    Technical details

    Weight: 3.23g

    Dimensions: 20.44mm / 0.8' x 20.28mm / 0.79'

    This board/chip communicates via I2C and uses 7-bit addressing.

    Registry address: 0x29

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TCS34725 RGB Color And IR Filter Sensor Module


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