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  • Raspberry Pi Zero

    Get ready to meet Raspberry Pi Zero, the smallest sized computer ever produced! You can realize many projects with Raspberry Pi Zero, which is one of the most useful models of Raspberry Pi series. You can get a computer with Linux operating system by supporting the Raspberry Pi Zero, which is both a small and economical model, with an SD card and a power supply with an original micro USB output. This mini computer consisting of a single circuit board; You can use it like a real computer with monitor, keyboard and mouse support.

    Raspberry Pi Zero Benefits

    • Like its older versions, this model is Raspbian based. You can run all your applications and projects.
    • Ideal for small sized projects. Wearable projects etc. through small batteries. offers a new dimension for

    Raspberry Pi Zero Technical Specifications

    The first feature that stands out from the Raspberry Pi Zero board is that it is waived from full size USB, HDMI connections and Ethernet connector due to its small and thin size. You can connect your USB devices to this tiny computer by obtaining a suitable adapter for the model that has a micro USB-OTG port instead of full size USB. For the screen connection, you need to get a mini HDMI> HDMI converter.

    • A Broadcom BCM2835 Processor 1GHz ARM11 core (40% faster than Raspberry Pi 1 model)
    • 512MB LPDDR2 SDRAM
    • Micro-SD card slot
    • 1080p60 Mini-HDMI video output
    • Micro-USB socket
    • 40-pin GPIO slot
    • Compatible with Model A + / B + / 2B
    • Composite video output slot
    • Smallest size to date; 65mm x 30mm x 5mm

    Click here to view and buy the power adapter compatible with the product.

    Click for Raspberry Pi Zero Set.

    Raspberry Pi ZERO vs Raspberry Pi 2


    Raspberry Pi ZERO

    Raspberry Pi 2

    Processor Chipset

    Broadcom BCM2835 Single Core

    Broadcom BCM2836 ARMv7 Quad Core


    Videocore IV

    Videocore IV

    Processor Speed

    Single Core @1 GHz

    QUAD Core @900 MHz


    512 MB SDRAM





    USB 2.0

    Micro-USB Power + Micro-OTG-USB Data

    4x USB Ports


    Mini Type C

    Regular Type A


    40 pin

    40 pin

    Ethernet Port



    Analog Video Out

    Via unpopulated pin

    Shared with audio jack

    Analog Audio Out

    Only HDMI audio

    3.5mm audio jack

    Touch screen connector



    Raspberry Pi Zero Introduction Video

    Competitive and Affordable Raspberry Pi Zero in SAMM Market

    Order now for Raspberry Pi Zero, add a different dimension to your projects with this new series that offers a very useful user experience

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    Size (cm)
    10 x 7 x 4
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