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Raspberry Pi PoE + HAT

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Raspberry Pi PoE + HAT

The new Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT is designed to replace the existing PoE HAT.

With the Raspberry Pi PoE + LINE designed for Raspberry Pi 3 B + and Pi 4, you can power your Raspberry Pi by powering it over ethernet.

Order now for this power supply that can be used with Raspberry Pi 3B + and Raspberry Pi 4.

With Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT, which has a cooling fan, you can prevent your mini computer from overheating.

Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT Technical Specifications

A small accessory, Poe+ Hat is your power over ethernet. Raspberry Pi 3B + connects to 0.1 ”headers: 40-way GPIO; and allows you to power the system using the Ethernet cable.

It has no effect on the data, so you won't lose bandwidth using PoE+.

  • Mechanically compatible with existing Raspberry Pi PoE HAT
  • Standard: IEEE 802.3at-2003 PoE
  • Input voltage: 37–57 V DC, Class 4 device
  • Output power: 5 V DC/4 A
  • Cooling: 25 mm × 25 mm brushless fan delivering 2.2 CFM
    for processor cooling
  • Features:
  • • Fully isolated switched-mode power supply
  • • Fan control
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C
  • Production lifetime: The Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT will remain in production
    until at least January 2027
  • Compliance: For a complete list of local and regional product approvals,
    please click to visit.

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Comparison of PoE+ HAT and PoE HAT

                              19537_1.webp (156 KB)12393_4a.webp (79 KB)





802.3 at

802.3 af

Supply voltage

37 V to 57 V

37 V to 57 V

Output voltage

5 V

5 V

Max. output current

4 A

2,5 A

Current sensor







65 x 56.5 mm

65 x 56.5 mm

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