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Raspberry Pi Practice Book

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This book is intended to be a starting point and guide for those who want to develop different applications, learn, coded, program or make robots using the mini computer Raspberry Pi.Taking into account all readers with different goals and ideas, separate explanations were made so that anyone can benefit from it. In the book we also talk about Jessie, the last version of Raspbian, the Raspberry Pi's official operating system. Most of the applications in the book were prepared to be compatible with both Raspberry Pi 1, Pi 2 and Pi 3, and even Raspberry Pi Zero, the smallest computer of them all. The book offers guidance for making applications with a touchscreen, camera, motors, sensor and many other gadgets.

Raspberry Pi guide Book Contents

  • Raspberry Pi introduction
  • Use of desktop environment
  • RetroPie - game console emulator
  • Use of terminal environment
  • Basics of python applications
  • Raspberry Pi applications
  • Camera module
  • Electronics
  • Easier GPIO - Pi ZERO GPIO
  • Raspberry Pi with a touch screen
  • Video content
  • Electronic application videos
  • Pin to raspberry Pi ZERO
  • Header selection and soldering preparation
  • Soldering
  • Completion of soldering
  • Breadboard usage
  • Basic electronics and LED control with raspberry Pi
  • Making LED circuits
  • Raspberry Pi's Pins constructions
  • Making LED system
  • Preparing softwares - LED light on / off
  • LED applications
  • Softwares to control the LED from raspberry by turning it on and off
  • LED timing
  • Controling multiple LEDs at the same time
  • Button applications
  • Making button circuits
  • States of the buttons
  • Waiting until the button is pressed
  • Auto-running function when button is pressed
  • Hit the button first. Timing contest
  • Photographing with buttons
  • Ultrasonic sensor applications
  • Making ultrasonic sensor circuits
  • Measurement of distance by an ultrasonic sensor
  • Continuous measurement
  • Create a thingspeak account and send data to the site
  • Drawing graph of ultrasonic distance value on the internet
  • Servo motor applications
  • Making servo circuits
  • Servo motor control, automatic pwm settings
  • Slowly turning the servo motor to right and left
  • Step motor applications
  • 1.7.1 setting up a step motor
  • 1.7.2 writing and implementing a step motor application code
  • GPIO made easy with ZERO GPIO
  • Leg determination for RGB LEDs
  • What is GPIO ZERO?
  • Kivy applications
  • Touch screen setup
  • Kivy installation
  • Kivy settings and sample application
  • Basic kivy applications.Ogv
  • Labels concept and usage in kivy
  • Font size adjustment
  • Box layout and multiple widgets
  • Kivy language
  • Property concept in kivy
  • Counter application on touch screen
  • Touch-screen LED control with GPIO ZERO and kivy
  • Display of ultrasonic sensor distance with kivy
  • Touch screen control of an RGB LED
  • Application for an RGB LED
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