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Raspberry Pi and Python Programming for Children - Book

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This book teaches kids and beginners the basics of computers, Raspberry Pi and the programming language Python . It also teaches the basic of using codes to create drawing, use mathematics, and create Raspberry Pi and Minecraft simple programs. Raspberry Pi and Python Programming for Children is written by Hakan ATAŞ and Ahmet AKSOY.

General Introduction about Computers

An introduction about the definition of computers, the essential components of a computing chip and the most common and current operating systems.

Raspberry Pi Introduction

What is the mini copmuter Raspberry Pi? What are the components of Raspberry Pi? and What are the needed gedgets and wires to setup Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi Operating System

A detailed explanation on how to download, copy and install Raspbian on Raspberry Pi.

Python Coding

This section teaches a lot of things about Python programming language basic. You can learn how to create and save a Python your first program code, how to create and control variables and how to use TURTLE drawing commands to create many kinds of graphics. This book also teaches how to do many things in Python such as: using mathematics, equations, using strings and lists, creating ""WHILE"" loops, and creating ""FOR"" loops .


With Mathematica you can transform your strings and lists into line graphs and bar graphs, you can also use these graphs in Raspberry Pi programming through GPIO input.

Minecraft Programming

If you learn Python you can use it to make playing Minecraft easier and more creative. You can crate codes to build, teleport, control TNT blocks and control lava.


Learn ""Scratch"" programming and how to use it in geometry, creating games and crating basic Raspberry Pi circuits.

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