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    Raspberry Pi Build HAT

    Raspberry Pi Build HAT is an add-on board designed in collaboration with the following organizations. LEGO® Education makes it easy for you to control LEGO® TechnicTM motors and sensors. Four connectors are provided for LEGO Technic motors and sensors. The LEGO® Education SPIKETM product portfolio. Available sensors include a distance sensor and a Color sensor and force sensor. Angular engine has various sizes and includes an integrated encoder that can be queried to find its position. The Raspberry Pi Build HAT fits any Raspberry Pi with a 40-pin GPIO connector and lets you control up to four LEGO® Technic™ motors and sensors from the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Portfolio. Add a ribbon cable or other expansion device and you can easily control LEGO Technic equipment using Python and standards connected to the Raspberry Pi 400. Raspberry Pi Build HAT power supply such as Raspberry Pi accessories, camera modules are sold separately. u is a flexible system with unlimited possibilities. Build a powerful and intelligent machine that combines Raspberry Pi computing power with Lego components.

    LEGO® Education SPIKETM Prime set 45678 and SPIKETM Prime Expansion set 45681,
    Available separately from LEGO Education retailers, items supported by the RAspberry Pi Build HAT.

    Raspberry Pi Build HAT is the second product after Pico to be produced with the RP2040 chip.

    Check out the charging supply compatible with Raspberry Pi Build HAT.


    Controls up to four LEGO Technic motors and sensors included in the SPIKE Portfolio,

    Along with those from the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor kit and most other.

    Click for compatible Lego products.

    LEGO devices that use an LPF2 connector

    • Fits onto any Raspberry Pi computer with a 40-pin GPIO header
    • Easy-to-use Python library to control your LEGO Technic devices
    • Onboard Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller manages low-level control of

    LEGO Technic devices

    • DC power connector: 2.1mm barrel jack, centre positive

    • Requires an external 8V ±10% DC power source – like the Raspberry Pi Build HAT Power

    • Supply, or a 7.5V battery pack – to power the Build HAT, Raspberry Pi computer (exceptRaspberry Pi 400), and connected LEGO Technic devices.


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Raspberry Pi Build HAT

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