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    LCD 1602 5V - 2x16 Karakter

    • The LCD is powered by 5 volts with the yellow backlight of the 1602 character display.
    • LCD 1602 LCD screen can display 32 black characters divided into two lines.
    • It can be used for Raspberry Pi projects.

    Competitive and Affordable Waveshare LCD 1602 5V - 2x16 Characters at SAMM Market

    LCD screen modules, which are advantageous for small projects, add a whole new excitement to your work. Order now for Waveshare LCD 1602 5V - 2x16 Character, a great way to add visual elements to your designs.

    From the Raspberry Pi official distributor SAMM Market, you can find all the electronic parts and kits you are looking for, and prototyping kits for all levels. Moreover, all orders you place until 15:00 are delivered to the cargo on the same day, and orders of 150 TL or more are delivered to your address with the advantage of free shipping.

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LCD 1602 5V Yellow - 2x16 Characters


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