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    ATtiny416 Xplained nano evaluation kit is a hardware platform for evaluating the ATtiny416 microcontroller. Supported by Atmel Studio free integrated development platform, the kit provides easy access to all device I/O, one button, and one LED. The Xplained Nano evaluation kit includes an on-board debugger, and no external tools are necessary to program and debug the ATtiny416 microcontroller. The on-board debugger can be completely disconnected from the ATtiny416 microcontroller and it can be used to program other UPDI devices.

    •  * ATtiny416 microcontroller, 20-pin 4kB Flash MCU
    •  * Embedded programmer for programming the host MCU (mEDBG)
    •  * One mechanical button
    •  * One yellow user LED
    •  * Access to all I/O lines


    Market demand for this product has caused an extension in leadtimes. Delivery dates may fluctuate. Product exempt from discounts.

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