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    Xplained Ultra is a member of Xplained fast prototyping and evaluation platform. The board is based on the SAMA5D4 microprocessor and comes with a rich set of ready-to-use connectivity, an LCD and HDMI interface, an embedded debug interface unit, as well as storage peripherals and expansion headers for easy customization. A Linux distribution and software package gets you evaluating fast. A USB device connector can be used to power the board as well as to program and debug it.


    • SAMA5D44-CU running at up to 600MHz
    • 512Mbytes DDR2
    • 512MBytes SLC NAND flash
    • 1x SD/eMMC and 1x MicroSD slots
    • LCD connectors compatible with PDA4301
    • HDMI connector
    • KSZ8081 Ethernet 10/100 PHY and connector
    • Three USB connectors (2 host + 1 device)
    • Expansions headers, Arduino DUE, 3.3v Uno R2 & R3 and Mega R3 shield compatible
    • Power measurement straps


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