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Adafruit Pi OLED - 128x32 Monochrome OLED Add-On for Raspberry Pi

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  • The Adafruit Pi OLED - 128x32 Monochrome OLED Module for Raspberry Pi

    Pi ZeroPi Zero WPi Zero WHPi Models,If you're looking for the most compact display for your project, this might be what you need.

    The Adafruit 128x32 Pi OLED provides you with a small display that's ready to fit onto all sorts of Raspberry Pi computers. The PiOLED comes with a single-color 128x32 OLED with sharp white pixels. The OLED only uses the I2C pins, so you'll have plenty of GPIO connections left over for buttons, LEDs, sensors, etc. It's also nice and compact, making it fit for any situation.

    These displays are small, measuring just about 1" diagonally, but due to the high contrast of an OLED display, they're highly readable. This display is made of 128x32 individual white OLED pixels and doesn't require backlighting since the screen makes its own light. This decreases the power required to run the OLED and is why the screen has such high contrast; we really love this miniature screen because of its vibrancy!

    Using the screen is quite easy, as we have a Python library for the SSD1306 chip. Our example code allows you to draw images, text as you like using the Python display library. Our tests showed a 30 FPS refresh rate, which means you can do animations or simple videos.

    It comes fully assembled and tested, so all you need to do is plug it in and load our Python code! It works with any Raspberry Pi computer, including the original Pi 1, B+, Pi 2, Pi 3, Pi 4, and Pi Zero.

    Please note that these OLED displays are made of organic LEDs! This means each pixel is a little organic LED and will start to dim after 1000 hours if kept on continuously. If you want to keep the screen evenly bright, please turn off the display when not needed (turn off the pixels) to prevent burn-in.

    To explore instructions, software, downloads, and more, click here to check out the Learning Guide.

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