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    USB Logic Analyzer 24 MHz 8 Channel at Samm Market!

    The logic analyzer is a small size, very useful, USB powered logic analyzer. With this affordable and very useful product, you can easily turn your computer into a logic analyzer.

    With its sampling frequency up to 24 MHz, it can be easily used in many medium-level applications. It can control 8 separate channels with 8 digital input pins. It provides a comfortable and easy use with 2 earth lines. It can be used with many microcontrollers, especially Arduino. Regardless of the size of the projects, it is a device that should be at the disposal of every application developer. You can easily see 0s and 1s between two points with a logic analyzer.

    It can read and display all units such as serial port (Rx/Tx pins), I2C port (A4 and A5 pins), SPI port (10, 11, 12 and 13th pins) on Arduino at the same time.


    •  * 8 Channels
    •  * It supports different trigger types. (Rising, Falling, High and Low)
    •  * Up to 24MHz sampling frequency
    •  * Maximum Operating Voltage: 5.25 V DC
    •  * Supported Protocols:







    -Async Serial

    -Simple Parallel



    - Fully compatible with Saleae Logic software.

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USB Logic Analyzer 24 MHz 8 Channel


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