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Turta IoT HAT

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Installing a Turta IoT HAT can add many functions to Raspberry Pi. From motion detection to infrared control, It many combines popular sensors in the field on a single card, allowing you to easily create complex scenarios without the hassle of cable clutter. Whether you are a newcomer or a professional in the field of hardware development, IOT HAT will help you to develop the best projects in the shortest time possible by keeping your focus on what maters.

IoT HAT can be connected to the following devices

  • Bosch Sensortec BME680 Weather Sensor: Measures air quality, temperature, humidity, pressure and altitude from sea level.
  • Avago APDS-9960 Light, RGB, Gesture and Distance Sensor: Light quantity, red-green-blue color tones, direction of hand movement and distance detection.
  • Vishay VEML6075 UV Sensor: Measures UVA and UVB values. Accordingly, UVA Index, UVB Index and average UV Index are calculated.
  • NXP MMA8491Q Acceleration and Tilt Sensor: 3 Axis acceleration measurements generate interrupts when tilt is detected.
  • AM312 Passive Infrared Motion Sensor: Detects the mobility of people and animals in the environment.
  • Vishay TSOP75338W Infrared Receiver and VSMB10940X01 Infrared Transmitter: Read and send infrared control data over I2C 38KHz NEC protocol.
  • LCA717 Solid State Relay: Turns on or off 2 electronic devices. The relays are DC30V 2A power.
  • LTV-827S Photocoupler: Detects 4 pieces of 5V input with optical isolation.
  • 4x Analog Input and I / O: Provides the use of different sensors by measuring the electrical power applied to 4 analog inputs. There are also 4 input-output pines directly connected to Raspberry Pi.
  • I2C Connection: Allows you to connect additional components such as a digital sensor, motor driver, LED indicator to the system.
  • Raspberry Pi EEPROM with HAT standard, hardware information and configuration settings.
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