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    6 pin SOT-23 to DIP adaptor. Created to take SOT23 of various pin sizes breakout to DIP. This will work with 3-pin MOSFETs, BJTs, Voltage Regulators (SOT-23-5), and various other Micro6, Micro5, etc packages.

    DIP width is 0.300 inch (300mil) and will fit nicely into any breadboard or DIP socket. 40 Pin break-away headers are perfect for use with these custom PCBs. Machine pin headers may be a better option for IC sockets. Pad layout fits all standard SOT23 packages including:

    • SOT-23
    • SOT-23-3
    • SOT-23-6
    • Micro3
    • 5-MicroSMD
    • All other similar SOT23 packages
    Features: 0.34x0.46 inch


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SparkFun SOT23 to DIP Adapter


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