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  • What is SINTAS ?

    Sintas; It is a domestically produced IoT product designed for temperature and humidity tracker.

    It can be controlled from the web interface by automatically detecting the temperature and humidity measurement. Within the scope of the system, instant data flow is monitored over the internet and the records of the device can be viewed via the web interface. Temperature and humidity measurement results for the past can be observed and the battery status of the devices can be followed.

    Where is SINTAS Used?

    Sintas is used in production facilities, warehouse, medical center, laboratory, factory, home and all areas where temperature and humidity are planned to be tracker/controlled.

    Within the scope of the system, by providing instant data flow over the internet, temperature and humidity control is provided in the environments where the device is located. The records kept by the device can be viewed through the web interface. Temperature and humidity measurement results for the past can be observed and the battery status of the devices can be followed

    SINTAS Pecifications

    • The device is digital.
    • The device measures temperature and humidity values.
    • It monitors the power of the battery.
    • It is powered by 3 AA batteries with a total of 4.5 V.
    • When an OLED is installed on the device, it has the ability to display 4 lines of data.
    • It can measure temperature between -40° C + 85° C.
    • It has a temperature sensitivity of + /- 0,1° C.
    • It has 1% humidity measurement accuracy.
    • There is a 0% - 100% Humidity measurement range.
    • The device has a configuration button that allows to set the WiFi settings.
    • The data transmission interval can be determined via the configuration interface. (Ex: 5min, 10min, 30min etc.)
    • In case of internet disconnection, the measurement results are stored on the device, and the stored data can be sent when the internet connection is available.
    • The devices are guaranteed for 1 (One) year from the date of delivery.
    • Technical support is provided for 1 year.
    • The data received from the devices can be viewed instantly by a web interface.
    • Network settings can be made via the configuration interface.
    • Devices can send data via WiFi connection.
    • When the connection is made via the device, it gives a warning with LED.
    • It can measure temperature and humidity values ​​indoors and outdoors.
    • It has the features of setting the IP value in the configuration interface-static IP recording.
    • In cases where no static IP setting is made, the device works with automatic IP.

    Click to use the interface.

    Click here for the IoT device user guide.

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