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Shaky Origami

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Bu Ürüne Özel Kampanyalar
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  • Shaky Origami

    The Shaky Origami is a creative toy through which different animal shapes can be done by folding special paper without using scissors or glue. Shaky Origami toy has also electric wires, a battery and a vibration mottor. The use of motor enables kids to create figures of animals or object that can crawl on flat surfaces using vibration and friction. The goal of this toy is to give the kids limitless options to make their toy and use their own materials like fabric, cardboard or wallpaper.

    Shaky Origami Benefits

    • Improves the aesthetic sense and ability to follow instructions.
    • Improves confidence as an artist.
    • Teaches the relationships between shapes.
    • Develops an understanding of perspective angles.
    • Inroduces the relation between friction and movement.
    • Introduces basic electronics experience
    • Improves hand-eye coordination.
    • Develops third dimensional thinking and geometry.
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