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  •  Rollback

    The Rollback toy is a simple reel made of laser cut wooden board and it is a surprising experiment because after you roll it forward it rolls back to you. The Rollback toy consists of two wooden wheels, connections planks, a metal weight and a rubber. The secret of this toy is that it uses the weight force of the metal piece to twist the rubber band and stores the energy in it. The purpose of this toy is to teach kids how kinetic energy can be transformed into potential and vice versa.

     Rollback Toy Benefits

    • Introducing kids to mechanical machinery.
    • Simplifying the concept of energy transformation.
    • Learning the difference between potential and kinetic energy.
    • Relating the wheel circumference  to the travelled distance.
    • Acquiring a sense of three-dimensional construction.
    • Improving hand skills and analytical thinking skills.
    • Improving hand and eye coordination.
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