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    With the introduction of different and powered models of Raspberry Pi products to the market, their usage areas became widespread and entered many areas.
    These products, which are used as mini computers, have become available to the users by eliminating our daily needs and offering all the operations that a desktop and laptop computer can do. With this set, you can create your own computer and access TV channels.
    With the Raspberry Pi Distance Education Set, you can let your children participate in online education platforms, and you can easily use it in every place of ​​your home with it’s low-cost and small size.
    You can operate this set we offer you by connecting it to televisions and monitors you use at home.

    The Distance Education Set will be sent to you ready-to-use and you will be able to improve your knowledge with the training contents on our page.

    Set content

    1 x Raspberry Pi 4 2GB

    1 x Toshiba 16GB Sd Card

    1 x Raspberry Pi 4 Adapter White

    1 x Raspberry Pi 4 Official Case

    1 x Hdmi to Micro Hdmi Cable

    1 x Raspberry Pi Copper Cooler

    1 x Cat6 Ethernet Cable 3m

    1 x Mini Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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Raspberry Pi Distance Education Kit


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