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Raspberry Pi 128x64 OLED Screen

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  • It is a very small 0.96"" Mini OLED Screen from 52Pi! These displays are very tiny, but also very useful! You can use them to display battery status, temperature, mp3 lyrics or anything else! The controller is an SSD1306 IC, and the display can be utilised via i2c or 4-wire SPI.

    The display is made up of 128 x 64 individual yellow and blue OLED pixels, and each one is turned on or off by the on board controller chip via i2c

    Technical Details: 

    • Screen Resolution: 128 × 64 Pixels
    • Screen type: 0.96""
    • Diplay Size: 25mm x 20mm
    • Module Size: 36mm x 30mm x 12mm
    • Pixel Pitch: 0.17×0.17
    • Pixel Size: 0.15×0.15
    • Working Voltage: 3.3V
    • Max. Working Current: < 100uA
    • Min. Working Current: >12.25uA
    • i2c & SPI Driver Support
    • Controller IC: SSD1306
    • Wide range of operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
    • Only use 5 GPIO Pins (3.3V,GND,SDA,SCL,GPIO.7)
    Weight (Kg)
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