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Nano Base Board (B) for CM4

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  • This is the CM4-NANO-B (Raspberry Pi CM4 Ultra Mini Expansion Board Type B), a motherboard that can be used with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Despite its small size, it exposes the interface of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4.


    • DO NOT plug in any devices other than USB and HDMI while it is operational.
    • Since the module has no protection, please do not short-circuit the power supply.
    • The USB Type-C interface can be used as a power source or as a USB SLAVE interface for programming.
    • To ensure normal power supply for CM4, please do not connect other devices while using the USB Type-C interface for programming.
    • Make sure to provide 5V 2A to ensure CM4 is in normal use; otherwise, there may be issues such as automatic shutdown and frequency reduction.
    • USB2.0, CSI, DSI, and Audio interfaces are disabled by default and need to be enabled by the user.
    • The user button is connected to GPIO21 and pulled to GPIO_VREF by R16 (10K). When the button is not pressed, GPIO21 is pulled high by default; when the button is pressed, the GPIO21 level will be pulled down.


    Compatible with all variants of Compute Module 4.

    NETWORK - Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 connector.

    CONNECTOR - Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO header × 1.

    USB - USB 2.0 Type-A connector × 1.

    DISPLAY - MIPI DSI connection point × 1 (15-pin 1.0mm FPC connector).

    CAMERA - MIPI CSI-2 connection point × 1 (15-pin 1.0mm FPC connector).

    VIDEO - Mini HDMI connection point × 1, supports 4K 30 fps output.

    AUDIO - 3.5mm jack.

    STORAGE - Micro SD card socket for Compute Module 4 Lite (without eMMC) variants.


    DIMENSIONS - 56×41mm.

    You can click here to visit the product manufacturer's page.

    What's on the Board:

    CM4-NANO-B-details-intro.jpg (177 KB)

    1 - CM4 socket

    Compatible with all variants of Compute Module 4.

    2 - Micro SD card slot

    Used to connect a Micro SD card with a pre-burned image (Lite variant only).

    3 - 40-pin GPIO header

    Used for connecting HAT varieties.

    4 - Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 konektörü

    5 - Power supply / Programming

    Used for 5V power supply or eMMC writing.

    6 - 3.5mm audio jack

    7 - User button

    8 - USB2.0 connector

    Used for connecting USB devices.

    9 - CSI connector

    MIPI CSI camera interface.

    10 - DSI connector

    MIPI DSI display interface.

    11 - MP1658

    12 - Mini HDMI connector

    Supports 4K 30fps output.

    13 - Boot switch

    OPEN: Switch to the USB Type-C interface, it will enter download mode when powered on (configured as a high-capacity disk via RPI boot).

    CLOSE: Switch to the Type-A interface, it will not enter download mode when powered on (boot from eMMC or Micro SD card).

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