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Morse Code

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  • Morse Code

    The Morse Code toy is a replica of the actual Morse code devices that were used in communication before the telephone was invented. This toy consists of laser cut wooden planks, buzzer, LED light, wires, screws and a battery. The Morse Code toy is meant to teach the kids about how electricity can be transformed into sound or light; and it also teaches kids about the history of communication and how to communicate using Morse code.

    Morse Code Toy Beneftis

    • Learning how to setup an electrical circuit.
    • Recognizes different electronic circuit element.
    • Introduces the Morse code language.
    • Acquiring a sense of cause and effect.
    • Leaning the benefit of geometry in machine construction.
    • Acquiring a sense of three-dimensional construction.
    • Improving hand skills and analytical thinking skills.
    • Improving hand and eye coordination.
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