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Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Machine

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  • Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Machine, with its small and stylish design, allows you to save space by occupying very little space in the usage area. While the product can withstand temperatures up to 340C, its weight is only 13 kg. You can obtain this vacuum machine with aluminum parts and high durability through Samm Market.

    Precise Control

    No mysterious buttons or complicated settings. Simple means smart, and getting exactly the result you want with FormBox has never been easier.

    A latch and handle design with cast aluminum hinges comes as a single mechanism. FormBox Desktop Vacuum Machine comes before you in an incredibly simple way to use.

    Detail matters

    The FormBox even picks up textures finer than a grain of sand. So you can keep all the little details you want to scrape from the complex ones.

    Speed ​​up your production

    No more waiting. It's time to speed up your production process. Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Machine provides a simple and fast solution to improve your production.

    Small package, big power

    FormBox is designed to fit your workspace perfectly. Power packed into a small package so your small factory can deliver dozens of products in minutes.

    Technicial Specifications:

    •  * Length: 315mm
    •  * Width (with Handles): 466 mm
    •  * Width: 274mm
    •  * Table: 200 mm x 200 mm
    •  * Depth: 130mm
    •  * Weight: 13 kg
    •  * Power supply: 110 V and 240 V
    •  * Temperature: 160 C - 340 C
    •  * Spec Pdf
    •  * Materials Pdf

    Compatible materials:

    •  * Mayku FormBox works in full efficiency with 0.25 - 1.5 mm thick thermoplastic materials.
    •  * Thermoplastic materials in their technical terms:
    •  * PETg (Generally seen in these products: Food-grade molds)
    •  * HIPS (Commonly seen in these products: Disposable cups
    •  * ABS (material that Lego is made of)
    •  * Polystyrene (Generally seen in these products: Product packaging)
    •  * Polyproperylene (PP) (Great for use as molds in resin casting)
    •  * Polycarbonate (PC) (Commonly seen in these products: Beverage bottles)
    •  * Polyethylene: (mostly seen in these products: Sheet and foam board)
    •  * Acrylic PMMA (Commonly seen on these products: Luminous signs)
    •  * Warranty Period: 1 Year
    Size (cm)
    40 x 40 x 20
    Weight (Kg)
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