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    Matatalab Pro Coding Kit

    Thanks to Matatalab, children will be able to learn coding as if they were playing a preschool game. Children often use their senses of touch, sight and hearing when learning new things. The Matatalab Coding Kit creates the necessary environment for this type of cognitive development, so children can learn to code as if they were playing. They can create unlimited possibilities with code blocks using their imaginations and they can create their own algorithms using code blocks to control MatataBot. They will experience a rapid learning process by receiving instant feedback from the written code. Entering the world of coding with an appropriate toolset (like Matatalab) at a very young age will make it easier for children to learn the basic concepts. When they enter the world of coding at an early age, they will learn more complex concepts fearlessly and with the right foundation in the coding lessons they will see at school in their later years.


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    MatataBot is a cute car-shaped robot with lights, motion and sound. It carries out the commands given by the command tower. Route tracking can be made, drawing can be made using a pen, or it can be made to sing. It will help you learn STEM topics and improve your problem-solving skills.

    Command Tower:

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    The motion placed on the command tower control card recognizes the music commands with image processing technology and transmits them to MatataBot. If you want, you can also place your favorite lego figures in the command tower.

    Control card:

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    By placing code blocks on the control board, you can conquer any place with MatataBot. Place the blocks and press the "Play" button. MatataBot will start running the code you wrote.

    Code Blocks:

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    Physical code blocks allow you to write code by touching and playing games in a more understandable way than coding applications. It allows you to have fun while concentrating on the code blocks in the physical environment. Literally, coding becomes a practical experience.

    Package Included

    • MatataBot
    • Command Tower
    • Control card
    • 99 Piece Code Block
    • 3 Quest Booklets
    • 1 double sided playground
    • 3 Art Warming Cards
    • 3 Music Warming Cards
    • Type-C USB Cable
    • Various obstacles, flags

    Technical specifications

    • MatataBot Battery: 500mAh Li-on
    • Command Tower Battery: 2000mAh Li-on
    • Power input : DC5V / 2A max (Type C connector)
    • Connection Type : Bluetooth
    • Working Distance: 5-6 meters
    • MatataBot usage time : ~ 4-5 hours
    • MatataBot charging time : ~2 hours
    • Command tower usage time : ~ 4-6 hours
    • Command Tower charging time : ~ 3 hours

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Matatalab Pro Coding Kit


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