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    The water flow and hydraulic pressure sensor is a sensor that outputs the number of revolutions of the rotating propeller thanks to the water flowing through it. The number of propeller rotations is measured with hall-effect magnetic sensors inside the sensor. Since it has a digital output, it can be used with many microcontroller platforms, especially Arduino. It can be easily preferred to measure the amount of liquid flowing in a coffee machine or garden irrigation system.

    Hydraulic Pressure and Water Flow Sensor (YF-S201) Features

    •  - Easy to use
    •  - High performance sealing
    •  - High quality magnetic sensor
    •  - Working Voltage: DC 5V-24V
    •  - Operating Current: 15 mA (DC 5V)
    •  - Output Type: Digital
    •  - Flow rate: 1-30L/minute
    •  - Water Pressure: ≤1.75MPa
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Hydraulic Pressure and Water Flow Sensor (YF-S201)


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