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    The third version of Ultimate GPS Breakout Board 66 is the perfect GPS device for your Raspberry Pi projects. This GPS can detect location, coordinates, speed and altitude with 10 times in one second. This GPS card has an internal antenna, can be connected to an external antenna, has a small battery holder and sends and saves GPS data automatically every 15 seconds. This GPS has also an LED to indicate its status. Can be connected directly to Raspberry Pi, and can be connected directly to a computer using a USB to TTL cable.

    Ultimate GPS Breakout Board 66 Specs

    • -165 dBm sensitivity
    • 10 Hz updates
    • 66 channels
    • 5V friendly design
    • 20mA electricity consumption
    • Breadboard compatible
    • Two mounting holes
    • RTC battery compatible
    • Built-in datalogging
    • Internal patch antenna
    • u.FL connector for external antenna
    • Status LED
    • Pulse-Per-Second output

    Ultimate GPS Breakout Board 66 Components

    • GPS Breakout Board
    • Pin Header
    • CR1220 Battery holder

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Raspberry Pi GPS Ultimate Breakout Board 66 CHANNEL W/10 HZ Updates


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