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DVK512 Raspberry Pi Expansion Board

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  • DVK512 Raspberry Pi Expansion Board

    WaveShare DVK512 is an expansion board designed for Raspberry Pi. DVK512 has various components and interfaces for connecting external accessory boards. It's ideal for Raspberry Pi evaluation and development.

    Supported Raspberry Pi Models

    • Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+
    • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
    • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
    • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

    DVK512 Raspberry Pi Expansion Board Details

    WaveShare DVK512 Detayları

    1. Pinheaders for connecting with the RPi
    2. UART interface: easily connects to UART modules such as RS232, RS485, USB TO UART, etc.
    3. 8I/Os interface: easily connects to modules controlled by I/Os, such as 8 Push Buttons, Logic Level Converter, Mix Board, etc.
    4. SPI interface: easily connects to SPI modules such as AT45DBXX Dataflash, L3G4200D Board, etc.
    5. I2C interface: easily connects to I2C modules such as PCF8574 Expansion Board, PCF8563 RTC Board, LSM303DLHC Board, etc.
    6. Character LCD interface: for connecting character LCDs like LCD1602
    7. USB connector: USB TO UART, supported by onboard converter CP2102
    8. Power indicator
    9. User LEDs
    10. User Keys
    11. Potentiometer: for LCD1602 contrast adjustment
    12. RTC battery holder
    13. PCF8563: onboard RTC chip
    14. 32.768K crystal: RTC crystal
    15. CP2102: onboard USB TO UART chip, for debugging
    16. CP2102 jumper
    17. RTC jumper
    18. User LEDs jumper
    19. User Keys jumper
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