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Dual Gigabit Ethernet Base Board for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

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  • The CM4-DUAL-ETH-MINI, a motherboard compatible with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, supports a 5V DC Type-C interface power supply. It features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, a single-channel USB 2.0 interface with a fan connector, and standard features like the Raspberry Pi 40-pin interface. This is suitable for scenarios that require multiple network connections such as soft routing.


    1. Do not connect or disconnect any devices other than USB while power is on.

    2. Before connecting, verify the fan voltage; only 5V fans are supported.

    3. The Type-C interface can be used as a power source to program the display or as a USB interface (you need to use the DIP switch to toggle between them).

    4. To provide normal power supply for CM4, please do not connect other devices while using the Type-C interface to program the display.

    5. During normal usage of CM4, a 5V/2A power supply is required. Otherwise, there may be issues like automatic shutdown or frequency reduction.

    6. USB 2.0 is turned off by default. If you want to enable it, you need to add "dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host" to the config.txt file.

    7. Refer to the usage instructions for OpenWrt.

    8. This expansion board does not support POE function.

    9. Click here  for resources

    Package Contents

    • CM4-DUAL-ETH-MINI with pre-assembled metal case x1
    • 5V 3A power adapter x1
    • Screwdriver x1
    • Thermal tape 2 pieces x1
    • Black non-slip rubber 4 pieces x1



    CM4_DUAL_ETH_MINI.jpg (35 KB)

    Compute Modul 4

    Compute_Module_4_IO_Board_5,png.png (17 KB)

    What's On The Board ?

    CM4_DUAL_ETH_MINI3.jpg (44 KB)

    1. 40PIN GPIO Header

    For connecting various HATs

    2. CM4 Socket

    Compatible with all variants of Compute Module 4

    3. RJ45 Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports

    Dual RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports, compatible with 10/100/1000M

    ETHERNET 0: Original network port of CM4

    ETHERNET 1: Extended network port via PCIe

    4. USB 2.0 Type A Port

    For connecting USB devices

    5. FAN Header

    Enables connection of cooling fan with speed control and measurement

    6. Reset Button

    7. Boot Switch

    ON: CM4 boots from USB-C interface

    OFF: CM4 can boot from eMMC or TF card

    8. Type-C Port

    Used for 5V/2.5A power supply or eMMC programming

    9. TF Card Slot

    For connecting a pre-burned image TF card (Lite variant only)

    10. RTL8111H

    Gigabit NIC chip

    11. Indıcators

    PWR: Indicates Raspberry Pi's power status

    SYS: Indicates Raspberry Pi's operational status

    12. SYSTEM Switch

    EEPROM_WP: Prevents writing to EEPROM

    WiFi_DIS: Disables WiFi, only for wireless-enabled CM4 version

    BT_DIS: Disables Bluetooth, only for wireless-enabled CM4 version

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