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    Da Vinci Hammer

    The Da Vinci Hammer toy is a miniature replica of the actual cam hammer that was first designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. This miniature cam hammer consists of laser cut wooden planks and cam. The benefit of the Da Vinci Hammer toy is to teach simple mechanical engineering to kids, encourage their creativity and enhance their analytical thinking.

    Da Vinci Hammer Benefits

    • Introducing kids to mechanical engineering.
    • Learning the principle of leverage and gravity.
    • Simplifying the concept of using less energy to perform hard tasks.
    • Leaning the benefit of geometry in machine construction.
    • Acquiring a sense of three-dimensional construction.
    • Improving hand skills and analytical thinking skills.
    • Improving hand and eye coordination.
    • A bit of training arm muscles while turning the handle.
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Da Vinci Hammer


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