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CO2 Car

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  • CO2 Car

    The wooden CO2 Car is a miniature race car assembly kit made of laser cut wooden planks and a balloon. The wooden CO2 Car works on air pressure, the balloon needs to be filled with air and the car can be released to move forward using the thrust force of the air that leaves the balloon. The goal of this toy is to teach kids about air pressure difference, thrust force and the transformation of energy from potential energy to kinetic energy.

    CO2 Car Benefits

    • Explains pressure difference and thrust force.
    • Demonstrates how floor fraction can reduce kinetic energy.
    • Acquiring a sense of cause and effect.
    • Leaning the benefit of geometry in machine construction.
    • Acquiring a sense of three-dimensional construction.
    • Improving hand skills and analytical thinking skills.
    • Improving hand and eye coordination.
    • A toy car racing competition can be very exciting and enthusiastic.
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