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470uF 16V Capacitor

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  • 470uF 16V Capacitor

    One of the most commonly preferred electronic components for those dealing with electronic projects, the 470uF 16V Capacitor, is available at SAMM Market. This is a uF type capacitor that operates up to 16V voltage. These products, intended for use in electronic circuits, help store electrical charges temporarily. They are used in circuits for purposes such as electrical charge storage, reactive power control, filtering, and voltage regulation.

    You can choose SAMM Market for capacitors and all your other electronic material needs. Capacitor prices are here with the most budget-friendly options! Place your order now for the uF type capacitor that operates up to 16V voltage.

    What is the Purpose of a Capacitor and What Are Its Applications? Capacitors, which are used to store electrical energy, generally conduct alternating current (AC) instead of direct current (DC). Thanks to this feature of converting between AC and DC, they are used for various purposes in many circuits.

    Here are the main usage areas and purposes:

    • Storing electrical energy and using this energy during a short circuit
    • In power supply circuits for filtering (coupling and decoupling operations)
    • In resonance circuits to generate the desired frequency
    • In controlling power flow
    • In voltage multiplier operations
    • In creating phase shifts

    Competitive and Affordable 470uF 16V Capacitor at SAMM Market! For all types of capacitors, which are essential for all integrated and electronic circuits, place your order now from SAMM Market and don't delay your projects!

    From SAMM Market, the official distributor of Raspberry Pi, you can also access all the electronic parts and kits you are looking for, as well as prototyping sets suitable for every level. Moreover, all orders placed before 15:00 are shipped on the same day, and orders over 150 TL are delivered to your address with free shipping.

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