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2M2 / 2.2M ohm Resistor

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  • 2M2 / 2.2M ohm Resistor

    SAMM Market offers all the electronic components you need for your electronic projects at competitive prices. Among the essential components of electronic circuits are various types of resistors, and SAMM Market provides a wide range of resistor options. The 2.2M ohm resistor, capable of withstanding up to 1/4 W, is available at SAMM Market, along with many other resistor varieties. To get your 2.2M ohm resistor and other resistor types, all you need to do is place your order!

    What is a Resistor?

    A resistor is an electronic component that exhibits the property of resisting the flow of electrical current in a circuit. It limits the electrical current to prevent it from exceeding the potential of electronic devices. It accomplishes this by converting electrical energy into heat.

    Resistors have color codes that represent numerical values, which are used for resistor value calculations. Resistor varieties serve various purposes, including current limiting, voltage division, and heat dissipation. You can find a wide range of resistor types at SAMM Market, and they are competitively priced for your convenience.

    Reasons for Using Resistors in Electronic Circuits

    • Voltage Division
    • Load Creation
    • Heat Dissipation
    • Protecting Sensitive Components Against High Current
    For competitive and affordable pricing on the 2.2M ohm resistor and other resistor types, browse our selection in the Resistor category on SAMM Market, and place your order today!
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