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    220V AC 4000W Motor Speed ​​Control Dimmer Circuit at Samm Market!

    BTA41600B is a thyristor (SCR) control circuit that you can use in power control of your devices operating with AC voltage. Using this circuit you can control the brightness of your regular incandescent and halogen bulbs, adjust the power of your heaters, and control the speed of your single-phase AC motors (it may not run smoothly on all motors). It can be used with a maximum 4000W resistive load. It allows you to control 220VAC from 10-220V.

    NOTE: Terminal connections number 1 and 2 on the module are AC 220V input, terminal connections number 3 and 4 are dimmer output. When you measure with a multimeter, you cannot see a value, you have to measure under load.


    •  * Input Voltage: 180-220V
    •  * Maximum Power: 4000W
    •  * Adjustable Voltage: 0V-220V
    •  * Aluminum metal guard
    •  * High temperature resistant FR-4 pcb
    •  * Thanks to the closed case, there is a protection circuit
    •  * Known as the motor speed control circuit
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220V AC 4000W Motor Speed ​​Control Dimmer Circuit


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