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Flick Large - External 3D Gesture Sensor

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    Flick Large

    a large 3D gesture tracking pad that controls Raspberry Pi using hand gestures. Flick Large Sensor can be connected using wires and installed away from Raspberry Pi. Flick Large has 15cm movement detection distance and it is so precise that is can detect simple shapes drawn by a moving finger in the air.

    Flick Large Features

    • HAT Compliant Raspberry Pi breakout board (65mm x 56.50mm)
    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2B, 3B
    • 3D tracking - Gesture sensing up to 15cm using near field gesture technology
    • Track positional data (x,y,z)
    • Gesture sensing: Touch, Tap, Double Tap, Flick, Swipe etc.
    • Communicates with the Raspberry Pi via I2C
    • Full software libraries (One line installer & fully opensource)
    • No soldering required (Plug & Play!)
    • Dimensions: 14.8 x 10.4 x 0.5 cm

    Flick Large Package Contents

    • 1 Flick Large
    • 1 Jumper cable female to female
    • 1 Jumper cable female to male

    Flick Large Technical Details

    • Chip: MGC3130 3D Tracking and Gesture Controller
    • Detection range: 0 to 15 cm in ideal circumstances
    • Temperature Range: -20°C to +85°C
    • Position Rate: 200 positions/sec
    • Spatial Resolution: up to 150 dpi 
    • Proximity and Touch Sensing
    • Compatible with the Hillstar Development Kit over USB on PC in order to use with a computer or to program new firmware onto the board.
    • Available gestures: Swipe (east to west, west to east, north to south, south to north), tap and double tap (center, east, west, north, south) and airwheel (clockwise, anti-clockwise)
    • Works even through the Flick Large case
    • No detection blind spots
    • Low–power design
    • CE & FCC Compliant



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