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Raspberry Pi basic electronic kit

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  • Raspberry Pi Electronic kit is your way into the world of building electronic circuits and programming the Raspberry Pi in Python. Whats best is that there is no soldering required, each high quality component is breadboard friendly! The kit is accompanied by a set of 6 downloadable worksheets (or lesson plans for you educators!) that will take you through a series of exercises and projects, teaching you how to make the most of your kit.

    Temel Kit Contents

    • 1 x Breadboard
    • 1 x Immersible temperature Sensor
    • 1 x PIR Sensor
    • 1 x LDR
    • 1 x Active Buzzer
    • 1 x Red 5mm LED
    • 1 x Blue 5mm LED
    • 1 x 4.7K Resistor
    • 2 x 330 Resistor
    • 10 x M/F Jumper Wires
    • 4 x M/M Jumper Wires
    • 1 x Presentation Tin

    Temel Kit Projects

    • Make a burglar alarm for your bedroom.
    • Switch on an LED when it gets dark.
    • Have an alarm go off when it’s freezing outside.
    • Test whether the light really does go off in the fridge when you shut the door.
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