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Google Voice Kit Starter Set

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  • Google Voice Kit Starter Set

    With Google Voice Kit Starter Set you get Raspberry Pi 3, Google Voice Kit, Power Adapter, SD card and an HDMI cable. Google Voice Kit Starter Set is the quickest way to start using Google Assistant with your programming projects.

    Google Voice Kit Starter Set Contents

    Google Voice Kit Example Questions

    Google Assistant can answer an endless list of qestions, as long as they are not too complicated. We listed here some of the possible questions that can help you get started.

    • What is Raspberry Pi?
    • Who is the founder of the Republic of Turkey?
    • Where am I?
    • Which is the most wining team of the champions league?
    • Which food has the highest calories?
    • Who is the first person to travel into space?
    • How many songs did Elvis Presley have?
    • What is the resolution of the human eye?
    • Which movies had the most Oscars?
    • How many Turkish Liras does a Bitcoin do?
    • Can you sing?
    • Play beach sounds
    • Repeat After Me ....
    •  Change My Voice .....

    AIY Projects Guide Book

    With MagPi AIY Projects guide book, you will learn quickly and easily how to make a Google voice assistant with your Raspberry Pi. AIY Projects Guide Book is a step by step guide that teaches how to assemble Raspberry Pi Google Voice Kit and program it.

    Google Voice Kit Introduction Video

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