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  • ZAXE X1+ | Professional 3D Printer

    The ZAXE X1 Plus 3D Printer Plus has a large printing chamber (30x30x30cm) which is insulated from heat and dust. ZAXE X1+ professional 3D printer is compatible with multiple filament materials like ABS, PLA, PA and Carbon-filled filament, and can print 70° slopes without the need for supportive posts. ZAXE X1 Plus uses a robust and precise extruder which pauses printing is the filament is about to run out; and has replaceable nozzles which range from 0.2mm to 0.8mm. In addition, the ZAXE X1+ 3D printer features automatic calibration, a small touch screen control panel and multiple connectivity methods like Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB flash drives.


    ZAXE X1+ Features

    • Can build larger objects with volume up to 30x30x30cm.
    • Dust and heat insulated 3D printing chamber
    • Compatible with a wide range of materials
    • ABS, PLA, PA, carbon fiber, bronze and copper filament
    • High precision printing with 0.05mm to 0.8mm layer thickness
    • Prints angled objects with slopes up to 70° without printing supports
    • When supports are printed they can be easily removed without post processing
    • Replaceable nozzle with multiple sizes 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm
    • Works quietly with less than 40dB
    • Easily controlled over network using Zaxe Desktop software
    • Supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB flash drives connectivity.
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