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Zaxe X1 3D Printer

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  • X1 is a smart 3D printer from Zaxe. It has its own software and can be connected through Wifi, Ethernet and USB. It is very userfriendly and has a touch control screen. The Zaxe X1 is produced in Turkey.

    Zaxe X1 Smart 3D Printer Features

    • Wi-Fi
    • Color Touch Screen
    • Powerful Processor
    • Cloud Access
    • Easy to Use Software  
    • BUILD VOLUMEW 200 x L 200 x H 220 mm
    • LAYER THICKNESS50-300 Micron
    • CONNECTIONSWIFI, Ethernet, USB Flash Disk
    • SCREENColor Touchscreen
    • PROCESSORARM Cortex M3, 120 Mhz

     How It Works

    The 3d printer melts the plastic material. and then moves the distributor according to the 3d design. The panel moves down after each printed line. The plastic is cooled by an automatic fan attached to the distributor.

    Perfect Print Quality

    Seamless and high-quality 3D printing.50,100,200,300 Micron resolution. Advanced and easily removable support system.

    Wi-Fi and Cloud Access

    • Multiple printers can be controled from a single computer.
    • Automatically updated from the Internet. 
    • Prints directly from the cloud. 

    Sleek Color Touch Screen

    • Colorful and easy to use menus.
    • Turkish and English interface support.
    • 6 GB of internal memory stores the last 10 orders.

    Strong Mechanical Systems

    • The new generation monoblock extruder.
    • Quiet operation.
    • Lightweight and durable aluminum body.

    Zaxe Desktop

    Zaxe Desktop is the free-of-charge desktop software delivered with your Zaxe device. Using Zaxe Desktop, you can prepare and print your designs on Zaxe.


    Remote Management on Wi-Fi

    Zaxe’s Wi-Fi support makes it possible to remotely manage your devices via Zaxe Desktop. You can monitor the print status on the spot and send remote printing commands.

    Zaxe PLA and ABS Filament

    When choosing filament rolls used in Zaxe X1 3d printer, there are two types of these rolls with two different materials. PLA (Polylactic Acid) is very common in education and health care as well as home use.ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is preferable for industrial and professional printing.

    Zaxe PLA Filament

    PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a type of organic plastic made of corn starch. Therefore, it is very common in education and health care as well as home use. Using PLA, you can produce many home use products that come in contact with food and drinks. You can also conveniently print creative items and toys for your children. As an organic plastic, it is widely preferred by home users, health care industry and educational institutions. Due to its lower tensile coefficient, it is preferable for larger prints or prints with smaller wall thickness. It is not very convenient for post-printing surface processing or paints.

       PLA Red  PLA Orange  PLA Yellow  PLA Pink  PLA Blue  PLA Green  PLA Black  PLA White

    Zaxe ABS Filament

    ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a petroleum-based plastic. Most common in the plastic industry, ABS can be observed in many products today. It is preferable for industrial and professional printing. Using ABS, you can print interlaced items such as gears and cogwheels, and objects intended for surface processing (i.e. sandpaper, acetonevaporing, drilling and painting). It is a petroleum-based, inorganic plastic that is suitable for professional and high-resolution prints. It has a higher tensile modulus compared to PLA and is not preferable for objects with very thin wall thickness. You can perform any post-printing surface processing. It has higher thermal strength compared to PLA.

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